The Purpose
Enjoying the flavor of each ingredient in each dish is the foundation of Japanese cuisine. In Japan great emphasis is placed on eating and enjoying foods that are in season and at the peak of their freshness and flavor: "SHUN" in Japanese. The ultimate "SHUN" cuisine is Edo Mae Sushi, which was first prepared about 200 years ago in what is now Tokyo.

Born in Japan, sushi has spread across the globe, and become a popular part of the food culture in many countries. Many fine international chefs have used local ingredients to create original sushi dishes to match the tastes of their nations' people. When preparing sushi in any country, not only flavor, but also hygienic practices and techniques are paramount. Knowledge of hygiene and quality of ingredients go hand in hand in Japan, the original home of sushi.

In 2013, 18 sushi chefs from 13 countries came to Japan and competed against each other in the first World Sushi Cup®, with Mr. Pepi Anevski of Denmark winning the inaugural title. It is our honor today to introduce to you the World Sushi Cup® Japan 2014, where top-class sushi chefs from Japan and overseas will gather to compete and demonstrate their sushi making skills and the best practices for ensuring hygienic preparation. Moreover this competition will provide an international forum for the exchange of information on sushi ingredients, preparation techniques, and food culture; and it will be an excellent opportunity to build an ever growing global network.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation and support in making the 2014 World Sushi Cup® a beneficial experience for all participants.

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