Competition Rules
1. Participants must have a minimum of 5 years professional experience making sushi in
    Japan or abroad, and either be a member of The All Japan Sushi Association, have attended
    the Sushi Skills Institute seminar, or taken the SSI examination.
2. Competition entry fee is 10,000JPY which includes the basic ingredients.
3. The contestants will be selected from among those that have been recommended by sponsors,     branch offices, staff members, the director or convention chairman.
4. Preparation for the making of Edo Mae Sushi is restricted to the official competition time.
    Original sushi preparation can be done before the official competition time.
    *Participants that have concerns regarding fish cleaning, filleting etc., please refer to the
      DVD, "ALL OF SUSHI." To purchase the DVD, please contact the management office.


  Edomae Sushi Preparation

• Competitors will be judged on their basic abilities to make Edo Mae Sushi
• The main ingredients are supplied by the organizers
• Competitors are responsible for supplying the ingredients for, and preparing one
  original sushi.
*Competitors are judged on overall preparation skills, and resulting sushi

(1) Japanese shad or horse mackerel
      Competitors are responsible for the preparation including the head removal, cleaning,
      scaling, and making of 4-6 pieces of sushi
(2) Salmon or Tuna 3-4 pieces of sushi
(3) Two unpeeled shrimp 2 pieces of sushi
(4) Ark shell 2 pieces of sushi
      Precooked in preparation by competitors
(5) Sea eel
      Filleting skills will be evaluated
(6) Sushi Rolls (thin sushi rolls) cucumber, tuna and kanpyo : 1 roll for each
(7) Freeform cutting of bamboo leaves - 6 pieces
(8) Minced omelet or baked egg
      *To be used at competitors discretion
(9) Condiments (sudachi, ginger, chives and lemons)
(10) Contestants will be judged on the original sushi they have made
      Contestants are required to use their own display dishes

Basis of Evaluation

Contestants will be judged on: working manner; fish cleaning, filleting; slicing of sushi toppings, beauty of the resulting pieces of sushi; rolling sushi (rolled softly, not overly tight) with ingredients centered, the beauty of the resulting cross-section; beauty of the cut bamboo leaves; beauty of the original sushi creation; the overall balance of the sushi on the dish; commercial value; whether anything is wasted; etc..

  Creative Sushi

• Contestants are required to make original sushi
*Competitors are judged on overall preparation skills, and resulting sushi

1. Participants may use the ingredients which are prepared by the organizer and may also
    bring and use ingredients of their choice
    *The cost of the original ingredients are the responsibility of the participants
2. Prepare 2 dishes with 20 - 30 sushi pieces for display and sampling
3. It is compulsory to make vegetable sushi
4. It is mandatory to submit the recipe of sushi sauce (in full) before the competition.
    *If the sauce recipe is not submitted points will be deducted
5. There are no limitations on the number and shapes of plates used
6. Competitors own dishes may be used for display, and it is compulsory to use the
    dishes provided by the organizer for sampling

Basis of Evaluation

Contestants will be judged on: working manner; sauce flavor; overall balance; innovation; knife usage; beauty of the sushi, rolls, dishing, balance; use of ingredients; commercial value; etc..

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